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"My experience with naturopathic medicine began after years of disappointment working with traditional MD's, and being given a new diagnosis with each doctor I saw. Before long, I was taking several prescriptions for each symptom and began to experience side effects from the medications. I witnessed my health spiral downhill. It seemed I would never be well again until I began to see Dr Abrin. Dr Abrin is a health detective. She worked very hard on my behalf to discover what regular MD's either couldn't find or wouldn't recognize as a valid illness. Today, I am on my way to getting my life back. I trust, admire, and deeply respect Dr Abrin. She is scientific, holistic, caring, and dedicated. I will never forget what she has done for me and will always be thankful for her help". - C.T., Hawaii
"I first contacted Dr. Abrin because of frequent and intense hot flashes (from peri menopause). I am also in the health field but was unable to get my hot flashes under control. Since Dr. Abrin adjusted my nutritional program, I can go for days without having even one hot flash. It’s wonderful to be back in balance again. Thank you, Dr. Abrin!" - D.S., Hawaii
"People who say craniosacral therapy doesn't work are just going to the wrong practitioner. Dr Abrin's treatments have reduced my chronic headaches by more than 75% and have also helped ease my carpal tunnel syndrome pain". - R.S., Ph.D., Hawaii
"I took Zocor, a statin drug for 1 year for high cholesterol. On my own, I decided to stop taking the Zocor and do my best with exercise and a healthy diet to see if I could improve my cholesterol without medication. Two months later, I saw Dr. Thauna who recommended additional exercise, dietary changes and nutritional supplements for high cholesterol. Within 3 months, my cholesterol dropped below 200 for the first time ever, my triglycerides dropped 46 points and my HDL (good cholesterol) also improved. I've already met some of the goals Dr. Thauna set and I'm sure I'll achieve them all." - M.M., Hawaii
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