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With 10 years of experience in pregnancy and home birth care, Dr Abrin is passionate about providing holistic care for individual families. Her philosophy is that mothers who are nurtured emotionally, nutritionally and environmentally will give birth to healthy babies. Dr Abrin provides the following services:

  • Preconception detoxification;
  • Program to detoxify from heavy metals 3-6 months before conception (see below).

  • Fertility care;
  • Herbal and homeopathic medicines for hormonal balance, fibroids and infections.

  • Nutritional counseling for pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • Dietary and supplement suggestions for pregnant and breastfeeding moms.

  • Craniosacral therapy for pregnancy and infants;
  • Gentle bodywork technique to ensure a shorter labor and treat colic or head trauma in baby.

    Preconception Program

    The family is always welcome

    A 4 Phase preconception program developed by Dr Thauna Abrin, N.D.

    Preconception nutritional counseling and detoxification is of vital importance in this decade. Today, people in the United States are exposed to high levels of heavy metals, pesticides, phthalates, and PCBs from both indoor and outdoor sources. The World Health Organization has documented the presence of lead, mercury and PCBs in breastmilk. Alarmingly, 17% of children today have a learning, developmental or behavioral disorder. The rapid rise in learning disabilities in children is due in part to maternal nutritional deficiencies and exposure to toxins in utero.

    Phase 1- Environmental and Hormonal Evaluation
    The first phase involves blood, saliva and/or urine testing to identify the presence of environmental toxins such as solvents or heavy metals that could affect fertility and/or the health of the unborn child. Hormonal evaluation of the ovarian, adrenal and thyroid glands is also of vital importance in fertility.
    Phase 2- Nutritional Counseling
    Nutrition is the foundation for health, especially in the case of fertility. Dr Abrin will evaluate your diet for nutritional deficiencies that could affect fertility. She will give you a dietary plan that will work for you based on your lifestyle.
    Phase 3- Detoxification
    The detoxification program consists of herbal medicines, homeopathic Biotherapeutic Drainage, colonics and/or saunas. These natural medicines gently but effectively remove harmful chemicals and metals from the body's tissues and organs. The detoxification phase will last 2-9 months, depending on the individual.
    Phase 4- Hormone Balancing
    The last step to prepare a woman for pregnancy is to balance the interaction between the ovaries, hypothalamus, adrenal gland, and thyroid gland if necessary. Symptoms of a hormonal imbalance such as hair loss, irregular menses, spotting between periods or premenstrual symptoms (headaches, mood changes, bloating) indicate that you most likely need a hormone balancing supplement plan. Dr Abrin also prescribes a fertility tonic; an herbal formula to prepare the body for a healthy pregnancy.
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