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Dr Thauna Abrin, N.D.
Naturopathic Medicine & CEASE Therapy
Autism Research Institute Trained Doctor
(formerly know as DAN! Defeat Autism Now)

Specializing in Biomedical and Naturopathic Treatment of ADHD, Autism, PDD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Behavioral Disorders & Learning Delays

Mission: As a Naturopathic Doctor, my goal is to address the underlying cause of your child’s condition, which is often multi-factorial. The treatments are based on both a biomedical and naturopathic medicine approach.


I order state of the art laboratory tests (blood, urine and/or stool) to evaluate imbalances associated with ASD, which may include:



Dr. Abrin has developed a special interest in treating children with developmental and learning disabilities. She believes that naturopathic medicine and detoxification can both prevent and treat children on the autism spectrum. Dr Abrin has successfully treated children with ADHD, asperger's syndrome, PDD, autism and oppositional defiant disorder.

Dr. Abrin is a Defeat Autism Now trained doctor, having received training from Dr. Jacqueline McCandless, MD (author of Children with Starving Brains) and Dr. Nancy Ohara, MD. She has attended conferences sponsored by the Autism Research Institute, Pacific Autism Center, and Horizons in both Hawaii and the continential U.S.

Dr. Abrin has been active in the autism community, founding a parent support group in Hawaii in 2005, teaching about biomedical and naturopathic therapies for children on the autism spectrum. In 2012, Dr. Abrin relocated from the San Francisco Bay Area, California to the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, where she teaches classes for parents of special needs children. Her gentle demeanor and relaxed office environment contribute to her success in treating children on the spectrum.


Fee Schedule for Special Needs Children
Initial Visit$27575 minutes
Follow-up visits$16060 minutes
$12045 minutes
$8030 minutes


"It has been a wonderful experience working with Dr.Abrin.  She is easy to talk to, is very accessible via telephone or email, explains treatments thoroughly, has an open mind and seeks out information about new treatments and options.  Her treatment plans have been successful for my son, whereas, other medical doctors have either been unable to address his issues, or their treatment plans have been unsuccessful". - Parent of 9 year old boy with autism
"Our 4 year old son has been under Dr. Abrin's care since he was first diagnosed with PDD one year ago. Since beginning the natural therapies, his eye contact, speech and stimming have improved 90 percent. Our dream has been fulfilled. Our son will be mainstreamed in a kindergarten class next year. We are very grateful to Dr. Abrin for her expertise, support, and compassion". - Parents of 4 year old boy with autism
"Thank you, Dr. Abrin, for giving me my beautiful, animated daughter back. Since she stopped taking Ritalin and switched to natural treatments, my daughter has been more focused and confident in every aspect of her life. She no longer fears giving a presentation at school. The biggest win is that my daughter actually takes the incentive to organize and complete her homework on time, and is self-motivated in all her school work. She is in the top 10 % in math in her 8th grade class for the first time ever". - Parent of 14 year old with ADHD


How do I get started with biomedical and naturopathic care for my child?
Step 1. Call 802-472-9355 to schedule an appt with Dr Abrin
Step 2. Fax, email or mail the Special Needs Paperwork Packet (download here) to the clinic at least 72 hours before the appt.
Fax: 855-823-0800
Email address: wellness@drthauna.com.
Mailing: PO Box 28, Hardwick VT 05843-0028
Step 3. Review the Parent Checklist Initial Visit handout (download here) on what to bring to the first visit.
Is biomedical and naturopathic care covered by my insurance?
We accept most health insurance plans including Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont, Cigna, CBA Blue, MVP & Medicaid/Green Mt Care. Some out-of-state plans may cover NDs (BCBS MA, BCBS CT or MVP). Some laboratory tests are covered by insurance, some are paid out of pocket at a discounted rate if you have insurance coverage for your child. For those coming to Vermont from another states, blood tests can covered by insurance when ordered by your child's pediatrician (medical doctor).
What is the cost of biomedical and naturopathic care for my child?
The cost varies, depending on treatment. The cost ranges from $100-500 per month, with the average cost being $300 per month.
How long will my child be under biomedical and naturopathic care?
The majority of children will be under care for a minimum of 1-3 years.
How often will my child return for an appointment?
For the first few visits, your child will be scheduled every 2-4 weeks for an office visit. Then, your child will return every 4-12 weeks, depending on your child’s progress.


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